pyr discos release barriere, garcía, gris – chamber music

the new release from pan y rosas is from a new trio of sound artists, manipulators, mathemeticians, improvisers, musicians, etc. the trio consists of members lali barriere, miguel garcía and tomas gris who regularly perform as solo artists as well as in various group formations.

lali barriere plays amplified objects, cracklebox, guitaret, flute, keyboard, etc. he’s a mathemetician in his spare time and is known to work with pure data and field recordings. soundworker miguel garcía plays in the group, cooloola monster, creates abstract sound pieces using electronics and no-input mixer. he also runs a netlabel and curates the zarata fest (celebrating strange/unique music). tomas gris is something of an enigma. an improviser, electro-acoustic musician, etc. he tends to experiment with prepared turntables, mixers and contact microphones.

chamber music is their first album in this configuration and it’s a brief electro-acoustic affair that was captured live in february of 2011 at the ARPhouse in madrid. amplified objects and electronics were their chosen instruments this time around. the sound is something like bowed metal, electric hum, squeal and squelch. fractured percussions with low rumbles and fluttering squeaks. droning tones while construction labors away underneath it all. wheels and gears. voices in the dark. clicks and pops. atmospheric radio signals, clouds roll in. ambiguity.

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