keith helt’s preemptive best of 2012!

hey everyone. pan y rosas was late to the traditional end of the year best of list party, so instead here are some things that pyr artists are looking forward to in 2012!

next up: keith helt of sky event and catholic witches

1. taking my son to the zoo and aquarium now that he’s old enough to be excited about such things.
2. riding my bike more after taking the majority of 2011 off.
3. same thing for yoga.
4. george lewis with the international contemporary ensemble at the mca.
5. fallen words by yoshihiro tatsumi
6. the first moonrises album.
7. chicago fire 2012 season. hoping they’ll be as good as they were the second half of last season. cuz, that was fun.
8. i’ll optimistically include seeing more shows.
9. ada rave’s los improvisadores graficos album (hopefully it will be out this year).
10. the julie ruin album.
11. the new album by monarch!, omens
12. possible trip to new mexico.

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