pan y rosa release ley en das by florconvenas

it’s may day! and the newness is from florconvenas, sound explorer mariela arzadun’s solo project. mariela is an improviser, experimental musician and visual artist from buenos aires who focuses on field recordings, soundscapes, drones, poetry, collage and concrete music. she runs the amor loco netlabel and comprises half of the free improvisation duo, criadero en seres, both with leandro ramírez.

to create ley en das, mariela mixed together various elements such as: field recordings, keyboards, voices, barking dogs, cars, hail, glass, and hand tools. the sound world is: a simple melody of automated factory labor to establish the setting. squelch. itinerant droid poetry. tones pulse a slow dance to the pitter-patter of machinery. metronomic mutiny. rain music. voices and shimmer sines ascend and descend in swirl haze wash. turbines powering up, satellites responding. get it here.

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