kind words for stanze by the palimpsest trio!

A strong poetic connotation comes from the music of the pianist and painter  Silvia Corda and his partner bassist Adriano Orrù : the contemporary role of the instruments as well as the attention paid to individual objects that accompany the performance, enhance the neural displacement that we have known in classical music: Paulo Chagas with a sopranino and high, rope and Orrù (as Palimpsest trio) had a job last year entitled ” Rooms “, designed by music pianist Cagliari to comment on the canvases of the painter Donatella Pau; it was a wooden women depictions, inspiring a comment to the maternal female figure; not only. Titration also implies an equivalent transport in the literary field, an attempt to express with the free improvisation those islands seemingly sound of poems or short stories (the area of the room is a recurring theme in the literature, as well as a mirror presents the representation of a Blank verse or a Coplas ). The recording made by Silvia house in Monferrato does not do justice to something with an environment specifically would make far better: those who have seen the play Rope or Orrù live will probably have a more focused perspective (see  here an extract of the trio with addition of Simon Balestrazzi electronics at the civic School of San Sperate or better quality, here a performance of the duo to Cagliari in April 2013). Unconventional techniques are combined with a sound thought, between flows and stop calculated artfully in their emotional content and enriched by the thuds of the tools or gadgets (even a toy piano), which ultimately lead to the intriguing perspectives on the work of ‘already open improvisation in the rest of Europe. These are ideal for improvisers excellently fill any festival of contemporary art that you want to organize.

Source: Musical Routes: Few Italian improvisation notes: cultural resistance circles