pan y rosas release unlikely objects by isabel nogueira and luciano zanatta!

isabel nogueira is a performer-composer, musicologist and professor from brasil who conducts research in music, gender, the body, and sound creation. she uses voice, synths, field recordings and electronic devices to make experimental music, noise and sound art. isabel is a member of the medula collective for experimental sounds.

luciano zanatta is a performer-composer, has a phd degree in composition at the federal university of rio grande do sul (ufrgs), brazil. where he is also a faculty member of the music department and teacher at the electronic music centre. he develops research projects in composition and sound creation.

unlikely objects is an exploration of everyday objects, including those that usually receive the designation of musical instruments, and the various memories they contain. sounds that are perceived more as a side effect. the performance is an immersive experience drifting between noise and its opposite extreme experience, silence.

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