Alistair Zaldua

Alistair Zaldua is a composer, improviser and violinist based in Manchester, UK. In addition to solo improvisation, he performs in a duet for organ and live electronics with Lauren Redhead. Most recent projects involve duet improvisation with Alwynne Pritchard (Bergen), saxophonist Christoph Gallio (Aarau), percussionist Pascal Pons (Freiburg), Franziska Baumann (Bern), and with cellist Isidora Edwards.

albums from pyr
pyr312 – Where The Wind Takes Us (with Trio CZW)
pyr299 – the octopus (with Lauren Redhead)
pyr262 – hearmleoþ—gieddunga (with Lauren Redhead)
pyr180 – ijereja (with Lauren Redhead)

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