asha tamirisa


asha tamirisa is an experimental media artist most interested in audiovisual composition, instruments and interfaces, and gender/race and technology. she is a founding member of OPENSIGNAL, a group of artists concerned with the state of gender and race within electronic / computer based art practices. she holds a b.a. from oberlin college and is currently a doctoral student in the multimedia and electronic music experiments [ MEME ] program at brown university.

her work has been presented at venues such as the ica boston, UnionDocs (nyc), the tank (nyc), spectrum (nyc), i-park foundation (ct), WomanMade gallery (chicago), and on festivals/series such as OFFoff (belgium), magic lantern cinema (pvd/nyc), the drone cinema film fest (nl/usa), altered states film festival (uk), OPENSIGNAL (providence), sonic.focus (brown university), and non-event (boston).

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pyr198 – callus / redux

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