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library experimental – december 2019

Library Experimental is an ongoing series focusing on Chicago’s experimental musicians. It is happening at the Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park on Saturday, December 21 from 2-4pm.

Early! Free! Kid friendly! If the kids are patient!

The first show after a long hiatus features William Riley Leitch; and Our Lisbon Office (Tricia Park, Mark Booth, Nathanael Jones).

Jefferson Park library is located at 5363 W Lawrence. Convenient to both bus and blue line.

William Riley Leitch is a Chicago area trombonist. Riley has performed at the Nief Norf Festival, soundSCAPE Festival, and the Lucerne Festival Academy where he studied with members of Ensemble Intercontemporain and Ensemble Modern. Riley has premiered over 20 new works for solo trombone, chamber ensemble, and orchestra at events and venues such as Ear Taxi Festival and Red Note New Music Festival.


Our Lisbon Office is an improvisational ensemble comprised of Tricia Park (violin), Mark Booth (electronics), and Nathanael Jones (electronics/keyboard). For Library Experimental at the Jefferson Park Library the trio will perform improvisations initiated by a selection of abstract prose instructions.


kind words for hiken! by alex elgier and cecilia quinteros and manipulation by lauren sarah hayes!

kind words courtesy of louis pattison. the wire 399. may 2017.

It starts with a shouted “Hiken!”, and the Argentinian duo Elgier and Quinteros immediately let fly. He plays piano, she plays cello, and together they make more racket than most quartets, their chaotic improv conducted with a jerky energy that verges on the comedic. Explosive moments are balanced by subtler passages where the pair hunker down, working microscopically at their instruments with the surprising grace of a contortionist folding himself into a suitcase.

A different kind of trickery is at play on Edinburgh musician Lauren Sarah Hayes’s Manipulation. Her compositions are an exercise in unpredictability, the product of tiny circuit board ecologies that spit out malleable loops directed – albeit only in the most general sense – by outside input. Luckily, the sense of play extends to the finished product, its skittering melodies and clip-clopping rhythms suggesting a mischievous intelligence emerging from this web of wires.

pyr artists on the avant music news best of 2017 list!

daniel barbiero / ken moore – frequency drift

reid karris – lacrimis de ex arborum (not a pyr release, but still, good job!)

beth mcdonald – cold weather birding

nhung ngyuen / cinchel – the movement of an old soul (not a pyr release, but, yeah!)

Here we go again – our annual list of our favorite recordings for 2016. Or “lists” I should say. This year we received a record number of recordings to review. Given the volume of…

Source: Avant Music News Best of 2016: Part I – Honorable Mentions – Avant Music News

interview with cinchel!

Source: Interview with Cinchel – Interviews – – Music Reviews of Ambient, Vaporwave & Tiki Exotica Albums

Cinchel is the moniker and household name of Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, scientist, concert patriot and every cat’s best friend Jason Shanley. In this in-depth interview, Cinchel takes the time to cover the cautious origins of his career as an artist, his ability to create versatile gouache-based artworks, the oscillation between multiplex layers and quiescent silence as well as the best physical format for the right song. Join Cinchel in delineating the innermost nature of his Drone-oriented guitar-crafted Ambient works which, more often than not, are grafted onto the most intruiging barycenter: a luring leeway loop…

live video documentation of marta sainz!

with enrique zaccagnini, truna and lorena izquierdo!

RRRRR! son:
MaRta Sainz:Voz:
EnRique Zaccagnini:Percusión,objetos
LoRena Izquierdo:Voz,cuerpo,objetos
BaRtolomé Ferrando:Voz
TRuna:Violonchelo-maleta mágica