ce françois couture


ce françois couture (french for this françois couture, there’s a ton of them in quebec) is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist based in st-faustin, quebec, canada. he came out of the music closet at age 38. He plays keyboards, theremin, percussion, and ukulele, but his main instrument is the mixing desk, which he uses without anything plugged in it, just ins in the outs, to sculpt rivers of controlled feedback. he formed the trio rocheleau/bussière/couture (or rbc) in late 2013 and joined the free improv/avant-rock band la forêt rouge in 2014. he also has ongoing duo projects with guitarist/violinist paul dolden and drummer david dugas dion. this françois couture is also the music critic who wrote for all-music guide and the man who used to blog as monsieur délire and produce/host the radio shows délire musical and délire actuel (cflx, sherbrooke, quebec).

albums from pyr
pyr179 – january light
pyr154 – rbc with stéphane rocheleau and françois bussière
pyr100 – derrière

albums from elsewhere
square/sine (david dugas dion)
hors de tout doute déraisonnable (with la forêt rouge)
natures mortes
[COHU024] devant
vie cachée
duo (with ®o©HLo)

web presences

artist photo by stéphane rocheleau