conjunto teledirigido anfibio

Conjunto Teledirigido Anfibio (Amphibious Remote Control Set) is the result of a meeting at Estudio Libres in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Until 2018 the members of the group lived in Buenos Aires, but all shared intentions to leave it for various reasons. Lucas Sofía (drums) left and, soon after, Hernán Sama (tenor sax) followed. Pablo Vazquez (bass and vocals) and Gustavo Obligado (alto saxophone) are now in the same process oof relocating. The recorded music is the result of explorations and experiments with sound. The way to execute the instruments and then break with established canons, a non-place. a LIMBO.

Gustavo Obligado – alto saxophone
Hernán Sama – tenor saxophone
Sam Nacht – trombone
Pablo Vazquez – bass, voices
Lucas Sofía – drums

albums from pyr
pyr281 – Limbo

web presences
Gustavo Obligado bandcamp
Hernán Sama website
Sam Nacht soundcloud
Pablo Vazquez facebook
Lucas Sofía soundcloud
Estudio Libres