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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”number 3 – version for solo piano@https://www.panyrosasdiscos.org/preview/bricecatherin/number3/01%20-%20Brice%20Catherin%20-%20Number%203%20-%20Version%20for%20solo%20piano.mp3, number 3 – version for violin and chamber orchestra@https://www.panyrosasdiscos.org/preview/bricecatherin/number3/02%20-%20Brice%20Catherin%20-%20Number%203%20-%20Version%20for%20violin%20and%20chamber%20orchestra.mp3″]

all music composed by brice catherin.

number 3 – version for solo piano
piano by viva sanchez-morand

number 3 – version for violin and ensemble

solo violin: rachel kolly d’alba
conductor: aurélien ferrette;
flutes: laetitia tanner and marie roqueta; clarinets: lea sangiorgio and blaise ubaldini; bassoon: fanny monjanel; trumpet: yannick Barman; tuba: christophe schweizer; percussions: alexandra bellon and guy-loup boisneau; double basses: noëlle raymond, enrique soto, jesus chaidez and lamberto nigro.

number 3 was recorded live in the eglise saint-françois, lausanne, switzerland by jean keraudren, on 15 may 2010. it was mixed by nathan james. the two versions of the piece were world premiers.

artwork by andréas kundig

01. number 3 – version for solo piano 02. number 3 – version for violin and chamber orchestra

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