enric ponsa


enric ponsa. born in 1980. santa perpetua de mogoda (barcelona). grew up surrounded by music and musical instruments. began playing guitar at age 11. self taught. an adolescence spent experimenting with four track home-recordings and learning to play music with other people. attempted music studies but was drawn to untraditional learning methods. decided to concentrate on the drums a few years later. studied jazz with alex ventura, narcís vidal, and rai ferrer. through the years he played and recorded for a lot of projects and made soundtracks for visual artists montserrat montero & pisuerga and irene valiente *(valiente creations). currently is an active member of barcelona’s free jazz scene, plays drums in bilgraski, among other projects, and plays guitar in el tercer semestre and zbabek.

albums from pyr
owczarek caicedo ponsa

albums from elsewhere
monstruario with bilgraski
detrimental traces with aptychus
draught suspicion with the discordian community ensemble