keith helt

Occasional rocker, current improviser. Primarily guitar, but whatever else is available at the time. See also: fulmedesh, the rories, sky event, catholic witches.

albums from pyr
pyr325 – Divide the sky
pyr319 – Something of a Hoosier
pyr317 – The morning of silence
pyr307 – what is what we will make
pyr306 – Hollow Structures
pyr305 – Witchy Slang
pyr304 – loud with insects
pyr190 – adn ada
pyr187 – remember this alphabet
pyr183 – hold up the sky
pyr178 – lash the nineties
pyr129 – tatterdemalion
pyr120 – earth origins rice dead sea
pyr094 – les ruines chateaux
pyr051 – an everal in the nois count with the mifsifsip

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