lorenzo gomez oviedo

composer and improviser. born in san juan in 1987. his works have been premiered at various places in argentina, chile, brazil and mexico. he has made inroads in exploring soundscapes using analog recordings, sound interpretation of everyday objects, etc.

since 2011 he has been working with mauricio gastón lúquez on the project, nuevas emisiones sonoras, to present music through concerts, workshops and lectures.

in 2014 he formed “espacio de improvisación grupal”(e.d.i.g) which works with different modes of improvisation guided by a single pattern, given by a member other than the assembly each time.

he also works on the label of experimental music adaptador records and, since 2013, is the main producer of the festival caja negra.

albums from pyr
pyr265 – para, sin, contra (with valentina spina)
pyr238 – ready made

web presences