los pilotos


los pilotos is primarily a solo project, but it does occasionally feature a rotating cast of musical collaborators. the project is long term and the focus is edu-core! experiments with noise composition butt up against singer songwriter nonsense. exploratory psych-folk leads into art damaged pop en español. wherever the mood takes and wherever inspiration hits.

albums from pyr
pyr258 – under the breath
pyr257 – raw bones
pyr250 – nurse of being
pyr240 – starfish
pyr214 – the rule of names
pyr206 – the living omnipresence
pyr200 – the gospel of humidity
pyr196 – the process of learning
pyr171 – cloud on clouds
pyr170 – non-algebra for flowers
pyr166 – cada cuerpo en su caja
pyr008 – ruidos
pyr007 – canciones improvisaciones máquinas
pyr006 – ojalá
pyr005 – voices noises instruments

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