lyn goeringer


electronicist/thereminist and improviser lyn goeringer is a sonic improviser and intermedia sound artist. her work is best described as focused, often noisy, and innovative. she has performed throughout the united states and has presented her art works in galleries in seattle, wa, the stone, nyc, hong kong, dubai, and throughout new england.

the focus in my work is on space, on how do we relate to space and place, even if the location is only the ear itself. people ask me what my work is about, that’s just it: it’s about the event of listening, taking the time to hear, really acutely, the interiority of a sound or even the interiority of the material itself. how is it that we can live our lives every day, never really hearing the world around us? often times, when i’m working on a new piece or performance set up, i spend days just listening to one sound, asking myself the whole time how it is changing. nothing is truly static, even a sine wave when beating at the same frequency will change because of the room it is playing in. it starts to create changes in and of itself, layering into and onto itself, canceling itself out. to me, sound is a living organism, one that can shift and change and morph constantly. as someone who works closely with sound, i can do my best to direct it into a direction i want it to go, but once it is out in the world, it takes on its own life, and changes into something else.

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