working with spoken, prerecorded and generated language, maoϴ investigates the abstraction of touch as an arbiter of meaning through the use of languages he may not speak. maoϴ performances involve the use of language processed using a self-built palate controller: an oral retainer-based device which allows control data to be produced based on the touch of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, notably during speech production.

maoϴ is ryan ⊥ dunn, a media and performance artist considering the implications and manipulation of mediation and communication. he is invested in open culture, expanded field interventions and the primacy of experience as product, and redefining the roles of creativity and pedagogy as both inexorably intertwined and problematically so. he has performed across the us as well as internationally. originally from the pacific northwest, ryan now lives and practices in chicago where he co-directs the performative media arts space, tritriangle. more of his work can be found at

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pyr108 – forked architecture

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