Marta SmiLga

Marta SmiLga is a project of liga smirnova, a riga based musician who lives for electronic music. since early childhood, her main interests have been music and astronomy.

her deep passion for sound synthesis and music using only ‘synthetical’ sound material was revealed and consolidated after she conducted in-depth research of electroacoustic music while studying musicology at jazeps vitols latvian academy of music and becoming a member of the “erica synths” team. this inspired her to both start making her own electronic music compositions in an experimental ambient genre and to perform live.

although a newcomer to the electronic music scene, she has already released her music on labels like liminal noise, crash symbols, and blind allies. she has also participated in a number of events in latvia as well as in festivals dedicated to synthesizers and electronic music in brussels, brighton, birmingham.

using her collection of electronic music instruments, mostly modular and keyboard synthesizers, she generates deep immersive cosmic soundscapes. sometimes they drag you into their gravitational field, like matter to a black hole. sometimes they take you to unknown galaxies far away, full of shimmering stars.

albums from pyr
pyr244 – nubeculae magellani

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