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Andrea May (BRAZIL) is a visual and sound artist, independent curator and master in Visual Arts, with research in the hybridization of artistic languages with emphasis on the aesthetics of noise. Also signing up as May aka Happy Downlady (HD), she develops projects in various techniques such as infographics, illustration, collage, video projection (vjing), installation, sound art, djing, and collective actions.

Her solo project “Noisy Turntablism” aims to connect sound experimentalism to the visual arts in diverse reflections from noise, a warning sign that wanders in the ears as a power trigger in the field of the sensitive female, and expands in performative, blunt and visceral elaborations.
This performance consists of free improvisation using prepared and destroyed vinyl records with analog and digital effects.

May performed at the Circuito de Música Contemporanea – CMC (Dec.2018), at the Festival DIGITÁLIA (Jan.2019) in Salvador, and at the Curto-Circuito Project at Audio Rebel (March 2019) in Rio de Janeiro.

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pyr 276 – Sonho Dobrado

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