pyr009 the rories – four in one combine

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the rories four in one combine 04 man of action

the rories four in one combine 08 90 degree right angles

the rories four in one combine 23 believe in sense

the rories four in one combine 35 where have you been

finally the material from the first four rories records is back in print! this is a reduction of the best, most interesting and least embarassing of those first raw, earnest recordings. the origins of the rories lie in a small half-bedroom four track recording studio. a snare drum. a casio. a guitar. a microphone. inspiration came from the soundtrack to twin peaks, the soundtrack to the sore losers, the stooges, the oblivians, etc.

all songs written and recorded by keith helt between 2001 and 2002. tracks 1-6 from the album the rories explode!. tracks 7-16 from the album fuck you we’re the rories. tracks 17-24 from the album the rories break up and try again. tracks 25-39 from the album reach for a star and fail. all songs by keith helt except for: track 3 by thurston moore; track 6 by delaney and bonnie bramlett; track 13 by the cure; track 38 by angelo badalamenti/david lynch. 100 minutes.

01. why did you leave me 02. yr childhood not mine 03. cherry’s blues 04. man of action 05. never ending blues 06. superstar 07. stupid 08. 90 degree right angles 09 downtime 10. a million things 11. there’s a star for you 12. empty shadows 13. a forest 14. have you ever fallen in love 15. is this the way 16. something 17. you never call 18. sad sack 19. let four pass 20. blues for the world 21. you take notice 22. the world summed up in an equation 23. believe in sense 24. don’t believe in books 25. can i speed up time 26. torn up inside 27. any less 28. the stars – so far 29. over-educated 30. shake yr ass 31. climbing the walls 32. a million miles 33. existentialism 34. i’m happy again 35. where have you been 36. the key to life 37. shameless 38. rockin back inside my heart 39. maybe

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