pyr010 the rories – the inner workings of

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the inner workings of the rories 04 the old men

the inner workings of the rories 05 te vas a caer

the inner workings of the rories 09 farewell to democracy

the inner workings of the rories 17 i love her all the time

the final album from the rories 1.0. within a year the band was to transform into a full working band with multiple members! the inner workings of was created after keith had played with his friends in the chicago punk rock band, pal and a transition is on prominent display in these songs. edging away from the raw garage of the first albums towards a more art-punk style – the music is slightly more complex, the lyrics are more aware of the world and the overall sound is a little tighter. some of these songs – te vas a caer, the means and destruction construction would resurface again with the rories 2.0. all songs conceived and recorded by keith helt in 2003. track 11 by lou reed. track 17 by sonic youth. 64 minutes.

01. become action 02. break up with yr boyfriend and overthrow the government 03. delicacy and tact 04. the old men 05. te vas a caer 06. breathing is natural 07. life around me 08. filled with hope 09. farewell to democracy 10. sound of imminent revolution 11. perfect day 12. nights like this 13. stereojam 14. the means 15. destruction construction 16. things we believe in 17. i love her all the time 18. the answer to all the questions 19. my last stand 20. the mighty 21. you quarter to three 22. where have you been

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