pyr023 [ROOM] spaces

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[room] – spaces 01 prelude

[room] – spaces 02 spacesplacespastsescapes

[room] – spaces 03 and then

[room] – spaces 04 plastic cards

[room] – spaces 05 the world is too much with us

[room] – spaces 06 interlude

[room] – spaces 07 instrumental #1

[room] – spaces 08 moonshiner

[room] – spaces 09 still life

[room] – spaces 10 locusts sing darkly

[room] – spaces 11 three cents

spaces finds [ROOM] in both a more rockish and mellower mood with guitar as the main instrument. touched with [ROOM]’s signature minimal electro industrial stylee, the rage is there. the frustration with the state of this world – knowing it could be so much better. but this album goes down a bit sweeter – tempered by optimism. this is a re-release as [ROOM] originally self-released this album in a super limited run. get yr brain on!

1. prelude 2. spacesplacespastsescapes 3. and then 4. plastic cards 5. the world is too much with us 6. interlude 7. moonshiner 8. february 30 9. still life 10. locusts sing darkly