pyr041 last king of poland – hymn

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      last king of poland - hymn - intro
      last king of poland - hymn - ethereal silences part 1
      last king of poland - hymn - ethereal silences part 2
      last king of poland - hymn - hymn
      last king of poland - hymn - mist

hymn – a composition for voice and two pedals.

playful timelag experiments. voices pulse. noises created. floating in and out of phase. drones in the background continue their slow pulse and new tones drift in. crackle in the speakers and wordless vocalisations.

music by
tomasz jurczak – voice and boss ps 2 and a catalinbread delay. recorded in 2011.

1. intro. 2. ethereal silences part 1 3. ethereal silences part 2 4. hymn 5. mist

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