pyr055 ?alos – ricordi indelebili

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there’s another world besides ours, a world inside every mirror, where people wear the signs and scars of their indelible memories that create their personality. mutilated beauties, scarred souls, psychological themes. un-knowable stories to tell. dates but no background. an old bag with old photos and objects, 78s, imagined lives. tenderness, rage, depth, play, fear and love.

violin drone and breath. incantation. break beat guitar crunch. chant. now wave skree/chime. synthetic toy noise. sirens. bass sing song. electro rumble. string scratch. descension piano.

music by:
?alos: vocals, guitar, violin, cello, toys
dj tonnerre: rhythms
mae starr (of rollerball): piano
recorded in december of 2005 by roberto rizzo.
pictures and artwork by natalia saurin.
originally released as (bar32) in 2006 by bar la muerte.

01. agosto 1976 02. profumo 1994 03. luglio 1996 04. 27 gennaio 1997 05. aprile 1999 06. 2001 07. 8 aprile 2002. 08. 21 gennaio 2003. 09. 29 marzo 2003. 10. 29 aprile 2004. 11 autunno 2004. 12. dicembre 2005. 13. sola.

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