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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”tulle@, un giorno@, ago e filo@, ricami@, punto intaglio@, punto lacrima@, punto ombra@, sartine@, punto croce@, la macchina da cucire@, sospiri@, un’ora sola@, appunti di viaggio@″]

a fragmented concept album, ricamatrici takes its inspiration from industrialized garment production. seamstresses, women who spend their lives sewing in factories and basements – leaving their dreams and aspirations behind.

sewing machine as sound creation. electronics. blindfolded piano played by instinct, touch, feeling, listening. full songs and small fragments of sound narration – alarm clock, pen, snippets of piano denote times and places – advance the narrative, the journey of a seamstress. arrival in the city via train. hopes and dreams to be crushed. departure and a new start in a new town.

music by:
stefania pedretti – vocals, piano, sewing machine, contact mics. composition.
claudio rocchetti – electronics
jd zazie – field recordings on appunti di viaggio

recorded and mixed in 2009 by gianmaria aprile and roberto rizzo at specktrum studio, zeccone, pavia, italia. mastered by giuseppe ielasi. originally released as bar44 by bar la muerte records in 2009.

01. tulle 02. un giorno 03. ago e filo 04. ricami 05. punto intaglio 06. punto lacrima 07. punto ombra 08. sartine 09. punto croce 10. la macchina da cucire 11. sospiri 12. un’ora sola 13. appunti di viaggio

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