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olatunji duo – born in 2000 from the union of txema and tomás gris. ghe first recordings were improvisations for alto sax and drum. over twelve years txema and tomás have been playing together when they can (their lives took different paths). now, txema lives with his family (monica and little noe) in the middle of the field, near the forest, the river, the mountains in asturias (north of spain). this recording was done there.

the concepts that guided the “olatunji project” are ritual and improvisation. these concepts are the basis for a dialogue between the musicians (primarily as very good friends) and a dialogue with the environment, always the field and its elements (animals, wind, water, fire, rocks….). in short, this is an experience of love and friendship through the sound in its most extensive range.

in this recording you can hear the sound of the various percussion instruments (tablas, panderos, cymbals, etc); various wind instruments (alto sax, flutes, voice, etc.); and, with equal importance, the sound of the environment – the company of monica, cristina and noe (sometimes spontaneously playing additional percussion); the wind, the river, the bonfire and the wood burning and creaking; the dogs, the rain…

this recording illustrates all the experience that seeks to live and share this sound project halfway between improvisation and the ancient rituals.

music by:
txema fernandes – percussion, voice, flute
tomás gris – alto sax, voice, percussion
percussion and company – cristina, monica and noe

recorded on 30 june 2012, belmonte, asturias.

special thanks to:
cristina, monica and noe

01. arche

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