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concerto for cello and free ensemble

artist notes:
winterreise is the first out of three concertos i am writing for “cello with specific techniques.” winterreise needs indeed the part of the solo cello to be played with a curved bow or BACHbogen, invented by Michael Bach at the end of the 1980’s after renaissance models. this bow has been used by John Cage, among others, in some of his last number pieces for cello.

the second of the three concertos, verklärte nacht, will be premiered on the 27th of november 2012 in geneva, switzerland, and will need an electric cello with curved bow and live electronic treatment. the third and last concerto, an die musik, shall be written in the near future and the soloist will be a cellist-orchestra, meaning a cellist who will play numerous instruments at the same time with his arms, legs and mouth, in exactly the same way i did in a few solo pieces (nouvelles voix, etc.).

the orchestra part of these three concertos is conceived for “free ensemble,” which means that any ensemble with a certain number of musicians (7 for winterreise, 9 for verklärte nacht) can play the piece. the different parts, entirely written, can be played on many different instruments, including invented instruments, traditional instruments, or any other existing instrument.

music composed by:
brice catherin (who also played solo cello)

the orchestra:
solo snare drum: alexandra bellon

first group: laurent estoppey (saxophone), christophe berthet (saxophone), antoine läng (voice), yannick barman (trumpet).

second group: simon aeschimann (guitar), richard jean (homemade sitar) raphaël ortis (bass guitar), rodolphe loubatière (drum), vinz vonlanthen (banjo), navin gopaldass (bass guitar)

third group: christophe schweizer (trombone), lucie mauch (spinet), noémie cotton (accordion), marc berman (accordion), johann bourquenez (vintage synthesizer)

fourth group: jamasp jhabvala (violin), d’incise (small electronic), claude jordan (flute), magali guillain (cello), marie schwab (violin)

fifth group: lea sangiorgio (e-flat clarinet)

recorded live at the cinema spoutnik (geneva, switzerland) on the 26th of october 2010 by d’incise. mixed by d’incise and jean keraudren. brice catherin wishes to thank all the musicians and the akouphène festival.

art by mélissa tun tun

brice catherin on pyr

01. winterreise

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