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      enclosure - fifth of 3 - bend
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - flat ideas
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - the world is made badly
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - watching octavian
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - memories
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - the familiar biography of adam towner
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - bands less famous
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - rebellion against nothing
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - sawing through bone with a butter knife
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - film noir
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - love songs
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - grand illusion
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - mutilate
      enclosure - fifth of 3 - enclosure

nearly five years in the making, fifth of 3 completes a three album, two ep serial quasi-concept album sequence that began with [ROOM]’s spaces. the change in moniker is intended to usher in the change from the possibilities and travails on spaces to the constraints and traps in fifth of 3. the brackets around Room were to foreshadow the evolution while offering an ironic play on the word – space in one sense but closed space of a building in another.

this recording covers a dynamic audio range. please be careful with your stereo systems. damage may result at high volumes.

the individual tracks are made available under creative commons for non-profit use. the entire series is covered by copyright for commercial purposes. please contact the artist through pan y rosas for licensing.

all music:
performed, composed and produced by eric es (orange door hinge music). except for love songs performed by es, helt, and morales.
cover art by ASV.

01. bend 02. flat ideas 03. the world is made badly 04. watching octavian 05. memories 06. the familiar biography of adam towner 07. bands less famous 08. rebellion against nothing 09. sawing through bone with a butter knife 10. film noir 11. love songs 12. grand illusion 13. mutilate 14. enclosure

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