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artist notes:

There is a funny story about “Number 3.” I composed it for the “Reine Elisabeth Competition,” in Brussels, Belgium. I sent my score from a village in France where I was living at that time. The huge envelope came back to me two, three months later, covered with exotic stamps, swollen and sweating of humidity.

These stamps were saying “post of Guadeloupe,” “post of Martinique,” and a few stickers were informing me that “this person does not live at this address.” So basically, the dude at my post office had sent a letter for Brussels (800 kilometres North from the village of departure) to a few of the overseas departments and territories of France, some 7’000 kilometres West from Brussels. Needless to say that I did not win the competition.

Later I decided to compose a few versions of the Number 3, that was originally for piano and philharmonic orchestra, as follow:
– a version for violin and philharmonic orchestra;
– a version for piano and chamber orchestra;
– a version for violin and chamber orchestra (on this recording);
– a version for solo piano (on this recording);
– a version for solo violin.

The versions for chamber orchestra might have the most difficult tuba part ever written for an orchestra piece, as the tubist has to replace the tuba, the 3 trombones, the 3 trumpets and the 4 horns of the original version by himself. As one can hear on the recording, our tubist friend is very happy and very cheerful to do so.

If you own a philharmonic orchestra yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me to premiere the two versions for this kind of orchestra.

all music composed by brice catherin.

number 3 – version for solo piano
piano by viva sanchez-morand

number 3 – version for violin and ensemble

solo violin: rachel kolly d’alba
conductor: aurélien ferrette;
flutes: laetitia tanner and marie roqueta; clarinets: lea sangiorgio and blaise ubaldini; bassoon: fanny monjanel; trumpet: yannick Barman; tuba: christophe schweizer; percussions: alexandra bellon and guy-loup boisneau; double basses: noëlle raymond, enrique soto, jesus chaidez and lamberto nigro.

number 3 was recorded live in the eglise saint-françois, lausanne, switzerland by jean keraudren, on 15 may 2010. it was mixed by nathan james. the two versions of the piece were world premiers.

artwork by andréas kundig

01. number 3 – version for solo piano 02. number 3 – version for violin and chamber orchestra

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