pyr078 cagey house – rocks and feathers

Rocks and Feathers

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”apres sur la table@, driest bones@, industry calls for free information@, quick and easy for supper@, spiro vs. free jazz (and can’t win)@’t%20Win).mp3, the extra party has no name@, vacation in the land of the finished@″]

clockwinding, wooze bend, shakuhachi voice, piano conclusion. synth rain chime bell. mellow videogame free jazz. skitter undertone, twitch electro. melodies from mars. toy matrix pop standards.

all music by cagey house/dave keifer
cover art by brandi strickland

cagey house on pyr

01. apres sur la table 02. driest bones 03. industry calls for free information 04. quick and easy for supper 05. spiro vs. free jazz (and can’t win) 06. the extra party has no name 07. vacation in the land of the finished

* House of Ruth Maryland leads the fight to end violence against women and their children by confronting the attitudes, behaviors and systems that perpetuate it, and by providing victims with the services necessary to rebuild their lives safely and free of fear.

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