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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”agua-cohete@, naitsabes calma estrepitosa@, pepi y sus tambores@, solrac y la reflexión@, sirron el mago@, salocin ViajeraMente@, be-bop@, caravana colemánica@″]

viajeramente – performed by the nicolás chientaroli trío:

carlos álvarez – contrabajo
sebastían groshaus – batería
nicolás chientaroli – piano

all music by nicolás chientaroli except songs 2, 4 and 6 – group improvisations; and song 7 – dizzy gillespie

recorded in december of 2012 at fort music by luis bacqué who also mixed and mastered it live.

this album was recorded in one continuous fifty minute session, in one take.

01. agua-cohete 02. naitsabes, calma estrepitosa 03. pepi y sus tambores 04. solrac y la reflexión 05. sirron, el mago 06. salocin, ViajeraMente 07. be-bop 08. caravana colemánica

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