pyr087 last king of poland – mmlkop


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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”baited breath (wait with)@, voorhees@, dead mans hare@, disintegration of the eggo@, medusa mining@, monotonous pore@, daisy@, elk is a dead horse (of course)@, garfield ii@, forsaken@″]

lo. wipe. dirt drone. garagetronic reverb swell. buzz and howl. beat crunch. manufacture. robot factory in an asteroid in trans-neptunian orbit. crunching bits.

thought to be lost. but excavated from a hard drive.
this was recorded mostly in january 2011.

cujo bourbon – vocoder, microkorg, chimes
tomasz jurczak – digitech vocal 300, utter stutter feedback loop, boss ps 2, boss dd-5, copilot fx orbit

01. baited breath (wait with) 02. voorhees 03. dead mans hare 04 disintegration of the eggo 05. medusa mining 06. monotonous pore 07. daisy 08. elk is a dead horse (of course) 09. garfield ii 10. forsaken

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