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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”fagocitosis@, sleight of hand@, odou@, heavy dipper@, celtis occidentalis@, control@, renunciación@″]

music by:
diego caicedo, keith helt, reid karris, gabriel millan.

improvised and recorded between november 2011 and february 2013.

on fagocitosis, heavy dipper and renunciación: diego caicedo – guitar, keith helt – guitar, reid karris – drums

on sleight of hand and celtis occidentalis: diego caicedo – guitar, reid karris – drums

on odou: keith helt – guitar and little instruments, gabriel mllan – electronics

on control: diego caicedo – guitar, keith helt – guitar

photos by cecilia galera

01. fagocitosis 02. sleight of hand 03. odou 04. heavy dipper 05. celtis occidentalis 06. control 07. renunciación

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