pyr094 keith helt – les chateaux ruines


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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”fleure st.@, michceaco@, macopines@, les chateaux ruines@, la barbue@, caoquias ou lamarouais@, cascaquia@, a la pomme@″]

acoustic guitar improvisations. back room and basement with a handheld recorder. created spontaneously as time arose and in between life. when more volume could be achieved.

music by:
keith helt – guitar, little instruments.
pascal – vocals on caoquias ou lamarouais.
recorded in the winter and spring of 2012.

01. fleure st. 02. michceaco 03. macopines 04. les chateaux ruines 05. la barbue 06. caoquias ou lamarouais 07. cascaquia 08. a la pomme

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