pyr097 keji al feju – new underpinnings of modern realities


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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”how we know what we know@, continuous declination@, heretics and heresy@, understandings of celestial mysteries@, medicines of necessary arts@″]

new underpinnings of modern realities is the third album in the keji al feju tapes series. these recordings were all made between november 2008 and april 2009 and then cut, spliced and reassembled later in november of 2009. this third volume continues the series with primal drums, babies crying, sound saturation, guitar stabs, woozy sci-fi keyboards and sine waves. there’s also more blissed out drones, free psych sound walls, improvised noise motorik madness, and general commune jamming!

alex – drums, shouting
jim – bass, homemade strings, electronics
ferdi – trumpet, percussion, shouting
keith – guitar, keyboard, percussion, shouting
justin – guitar, drum machine, keyboard

01. how we know what we know 02. continuous declination 03. heretics and heresy 04. understandings of celestial mysteries 05. medicines of necessary arts

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