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after the breakup of onyx system, lace and nova decided to see some new songs through. this is electronic playfulness par excellance. part bruce haack, part manuel gottsching, part silver apples, and like these disciples, it is hard to place this collection of tunes in a safe box. it is progressive in the literal sense. there is definitely a paranormal and science fiction vein twining through the tracks, almost to the point of story telling. “the chariot” is a song about a lovely creature who is afraid to die into the stargate, so a little lover hides in her hair to comfort her and avenge her afterlife where needed. ‘worn out broom’ is a song about a man who has a special broom for keeping the devils out… out of this world collection of tunes…

all music by:

jim lace: nord lead, alesis sr-16, vocoder, hooves
alex nova: electric guitar, roland rs-09, arturia minibrute, korg wavedrum, vocoder

recorded in 2013
engineered by kenny klemaier
produced by j lace/alex nova
cover photo by sick rose
mastered by shauna kapica at iron bridge

01. mutating under the microscope 02. sacrifice channel 03. 6 house 04. worn broom 05. new spell 06. solar phallus man 07. the chariot

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  1. anita

    How did the songs evolve? I agree that it has a narrative feel. Labels not really useful in terms of which box to put it in. Enjoyed it, and felt transported by the music. Love, AJS

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