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3 CD Palimpsest 2014 WEB Edition MidRes RGB

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“A palimpsest is a manuscript page from a scroll or book from which the text has been scraped or washed off and which can be used again.” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

I am a double bass player, though I was curious to make experimental music playing the electric bass, my early years instrument. So I asked some friends – Paulo Chagas, Silvia Corda and Mauro Sambo to overdub some tracks I sent them via web and vice-versa to send me some ideas to record over. The result is this album of ten duets.

I heartily thank my fellows for the great music they gave me, Giampaolo Gerra for the artwork and Pan y Rosas for their support.

– Adriano Orrù

adriano orrù – electric bass
paulo chagas – wind instruments
silvia corda – prepared piano, toy piano
mauro sambo – percussions, electronics

recorded by paulo chagas, silvia corda, adriano orrù, mauro sambo. mixed and edited by adriano orrù except track 09 mixed by mauro sambo.
graphic design by giampaolo gerra

instruments played:
adriano orrù – electric bass on all tracks.
01. palimpsest: mauro sambo – tibetan bell, gong, eastern percussions, electronics.
02. interlude: silvia corda – prepared piano.
03. chant: paulo chagas – bass clarinet.
04. ostinato: silvia corda – toy piano.
05. bortadie: paulo chagas – soprano sax.
06. the rain tree under the rain: silvia corda – prepared piano.
07. life of a duet: mauro sambo – gong, eastern percussions, electronics.
08. on different shores: paulo chagas – flute.
09. scrape off: mauro sambo – sampler (samples from adriano’s bass), electronics, marimba.
10. haze: paulo chagas – flute

paulo chagas on pyr
silvia corda on pyr
adriano orrù on pyr

01. palimpsest 02. interlude 03. chant 04. ostinato 05. bortadie 06. the rain tree under the rain 07. life of a duet 08. on different shores 09. scrape off 10. haze

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