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cincinnati library: live recording of a performance for “experimental music at the library.” september 2013. modified turntable, egg beater, radio, objects.

efac: live recording from the sidney and lois eskenazi fine art center, indianapolis, in. june 2013. turntables, egg beater, amplifiers, sine wave oscillator, cd player, radios, objects.

hallway motor: audio from an installation version of garbage strike. indianapolis, in. september 2012. 12 motor driven sculptures. dc and ac motors, objects, steel, wood.

in case: live audio from a performance at “in case of emergency press.” bloomington, in. august 2012. turntable. microphones, audio transducers, mixer. microphones were placed outside of the building and amplified through transducers on objects inside.

march 4th: live audio. no-input mixer. indianapolis, in. march 2014 … similar sounds plus drums on the glitch video below.

plaster feedback: indianapolis, in. november 2012. plaster, glass, contact microphones, amplifiers, mixer.

plaster motor: indianapolis, in. november 2012. plaster, glass, dc motors, contact microphones, amplifiers, mixer.

review day: indianapolis, in. may 2013. performative installation. wood, coffee cans. dc motors, objects, turntable, amplified metal tray, mixer, speakers,

so ratchet: indianapolis, in. march 2014. interactive installation. wood, steel, acrylic, objects.

the ream: performance. bloomington, in. december 2012. turntables. dc motors, cd player, objects.

john collins mccormick on pyr

01. cincinnati library 02. efac 03. hallway motor 04. in case 05. march 4th 06. plaster feedback 07. plaster motor 08. review day 09. so ratchet 10. the ream

hallway motor

march 4th glitch video

plaster motor

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