pyr128 ombrelli sciolti – prattle at hue

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electronic procession. saturn’s rings. scale squeal. junk fuzz and whippoorwill. i hear you buried guitar – thunder purge. jazz funk greatness. ascending and descending string mangles. clatter oily night parade. throbbing saturn return.

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davide i. gabrielo: electric guitar, keyboard, alto saxophone, delay/loop pedal, voice.
russel d. moonray: electric guitar, electric bass, delay/loop pedal, pitch-shifter pedal, bass overdrive pedal.

ombrelli sciolti on pyr

01. rue untitled 02. search honey-tipped fingerlip destroy 03. sans senza 04. a rather garish bulletproof raincoat 05. treadmill malfunction 06. copper extract city 07. agnostic duplex 08. clayfronting more enemy 09. the half-brothers scott 10. enter the dagon 11. prodigal dad jokes 12. footnotes to the penultimate chapter of david howell evans’ revisionist autobiography

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