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These are all pieces that I composed as a student of the composition department of the High School of Music in Geneva. There are a few funny stories about them that I should probably not share until I’m lying on my deathbed. (But I promise to, when the time comes.)

Only the two Pérégrémotions were premièred (marvellously) shortly after they were composed: Péré I by Max Dazas, Richard Kuster and Pascal Stauffer; Péré II by Cyril Regamey. The other pieces needed more time to find outstanding and dedicated performers, but it was worth the wait.

Anyway, here is a little game. As a composer I like to compose tributes to my elders. Try to find which piece goes with which tribute: Galina Ustvolskaya; Heinz Holliger; Elliot Carter; Elliot Carter again. Send me an email to find out what you win. Good luck!

pérégrémotions i (2003) for three percussionists
percussion: alexandra bellon, guy-loup boisneau, claire defet.

erster verlust (2002), version for solo baritone saxophone
saxophone: vincent daoud.

traümerei (2002) for voice, cello, saxophone and percussion
voice: frédéric danel; cello: brice catherin; saxophones: vincent daoud; percussions: alexandra bellon.

symphonie consternante (2003) for bassoon and orchestra
solo bassoon: ludovic Thirvaudey; conductor: aurélien ferrette; flutes: laetitia tanner and marie roqueta; clarinets: lea sangiorgio and blaise ubaldini; bassoon: fanny monjanel; trumpet: yannick barman; tuba: christophe schweizer; percussions: alexandra bellon and guy-loup boisneau; piano: viva sanchez; double basses: noëlle raymond, enrique soto, jesus chaidez and lamberto nigro.

pérégrémotion ii (2005) for solo percussion
percussion: guy-loup boisneau.

erster verlust and the symphonie consternante were recorded live in the eglise saint-françois, lausanne, switzerland, by jean keraudren, on 15 may 2010.

traümerei was recorded by brice catherin on the 2 june 2010, at frédéric’s place. these three pieces were world premieres.

pérégrémotions i and pérégrémotion ii were recorded live at the théâtre de la traverse, geneva, switzerland, by brice catherin, on 15 january 2011. they have been mixed by david puntener.

brice catherin on pyr

01. pérégrémotions i 02. – 04. erster verlust 05. – 07. traümerei 08. – 12. symphonie consternante 13. pérégrémotion ii

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