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“Nothing New” is the result of improvisations conducted on a piano left to rot in a field throughout 2012 and 2013.

Every time I went to play the piano it was a different instrument. I went to the piano in all weathers; sun, rain, snow.

The second track “Piano duet 2” is from a separate related project. It is a duet between a piano being dropped from a forklift truck and a well maintained grand piano kept at a Welsh concert hall.

The EP was edited and re-sequenced at ElektronMusikStudion in Stockholm in 2014 as part of an Embedded residency through “Sound And Music.”

ant dickinson on pyr

01. nothing new part 1 02. piano duet 2 03. nothing new part 2 04. out 05. nothing new part 3 06. in 07. nothing new part 4

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