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this album is dedicated to the formation, dissolution and fugacity of shape and structure, distance and closeness, system and chaos.

it dares a tightrope walk between experimental music, soundscape composition and electronic songwriting which are interluded and intersectioned following the idea of the album.

cucharas de arena is a solo studio album by the musician and media artist canned fit (aka christine schörkhuber), who works mainly with noises, diy electronics, voice and sonorous objects.

it is influenced as much by experimental improvisation and contemporary composition as it is by electronic dance music, rock and pop music. and most of all, by listening to the sound of life.

thanks to veronika mayer, lale rodgarkia-dara, daniel schatzmayr, florian fennes

all music by canned fit/christine schörkhuber

recorded @ studio mz baltazars laboratory, vienna. as well as in the streets and sites of teheran, bukarest, black sea, craiova, buenos aires, valparaíso, vienna, haag, istanbul.

canned fit on pyr

01. echolot (intro) 02. circling in a square 03. rosia montana 04. fragile 05. sand entities 06. jenscape 07. animal psychology

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