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NUNUNU is a one-go recording of an improvisation on prepared guitar, made in january 2015 at a home studio in marseille (france). the sound was generated by the use of different objects applied to the guitar and the execution of many kind of gestures producing specific sonic results. one of the main ideas when creating this music was to reach a continuity of the sound by the use of discontinued movements. the notion of space and sound sculpture was also important in the realization of this music, as i was looking for the very physical space, the room where i was, to have a determination on the sound that i was generating.

no cuts, no post-recording sound treatment. the only intervention on the recorded sound during the mixing has been done to “spatialize” it in both channels (left and right), in the aim to underline its inner movements, and to create relief.

music performed by clara de asís
recorded by françois wong
mixed by clara de asís

marseille (france), 2015.

–note: for a better listening experience, the use of speakers rather than headphones is recommended.


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01. nununu

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