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1 – maestro phil (drums), huntress diana (keys), stacey taheny (voice, lyrics), sue kaplan (percussion), eliezer kaplan (bass guitar) – live hollywood lounge, early ’11
2 – charles joseph smith (lead voice, percussion), lynn west (background voice), sue kaplan (background voice), w dalmatian (background voice), eliezer kaplan (synthesizer) – live burlington bar, dec ’13
3 – w dalmatian (kaiser kalimba), eliezer kaplan (guitar) – zegema beach, summer ’12
4 – maestro phil (bass guitar), huntress diana (keys, percussion), stacey taheny (voice, lyrics), sue kaplan (percussion, background voice), eliezer kaplan (drums), ‘the drunk’ (audience voice)- live hollywood lounge, early ’11
5 – stacey taheny (voice, lyrics), eliezer kaplan (keys, live loops) – in the star room at zelwel dot com, oct ’14
6 – mike garcia (drums), w dalmatian (bass guitar), eliezer kaplan (guitar) – zegema beach, fall ’12
7 – dennis frederick (voice, lyrics), w dalmatian (drums), jason scott page (toy piano), sue kaplan (percussion), eliezer kaplan (guitar) – live at multikulti, aug ’12
8 – stacey taheny (voice, lyrics), w dalmatian (drums, background voice), jason scott page (toy piano, electric keys, background voice), sue kaplan (percussion, background voice), eliezer kaplan (piano, background voice) – live at wzrd march ’12

gHOST project on pyr

01. fibonacci sequence 02. do you like this? 03. zegema 1 04. drunk is the audience 05. phoenix fire 06. zegema 2 07. what are you gonna do about it 08. you are

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