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keshco - unaccentuated_front_cover

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this latest keshco ep is the product of geographic separation. all instrumentals this time; we hope you enjoy it, and that you’ll come back another day when we have different sounds and stories to share.

keshco - unaccentuated_back_cover

1. first flush: started as a piano exploration of bob’s in yorkshire. andy has added countermelody on the band’s favourite school-age voice sampling keyboard, the yamaha vss-200.
2. to reach the outpost: synth tinkling by andy, which owes a lot to 90s kesh. it’s like the seeds of wom all over again.
3. blocked signals: synth washes by andy have been augmented with guitar harmonics by inés, and some treated guitar hum.
4. tiny transmission: an instrument sample, once inside the vss-200, was found to have a percussive blip, used here as a rhythmic foundation and to which andy’s various other layers are gamely trying to maintain a grip.
5. unaccentuated motive: the block where inés lives features a mysterious empty apartment containing just a piano. here it is, occasionally backed with the sounds of buenos aires, and against caroline’s recorder and (broken) clarinet. in the far distance, andy scrapes on violins.
6. wipe my face away: andy in incidental mode, apparently channelling simon the sorcerer.
7. borneo: this began as a flute improvisation by luke, with andy playing pedals. caroline adds recorder and (broken) clarinet, making up alternate fingerings to try and keep the thing in tune.
8. royal flush: a longer piano meditation from bob, surrounded by the woozy swirls of the take itself having been elongated via the paulstretch program, then re-compressed to the correct length. in the middle distance, andy scrapes on violins.
9. busted flush: the final bar of bob’s previous take, stretched out, wobbled and reverbed.
10. lunar accent: inés’ piano leads the way on this refreshing upbeat closer. andy adds synth, wind chimes, percussion (pizza base, pound shop drum) and reasonably distant violins.

keshco are:
inés boente, andy brain, bob follen, luke sample, caroline vile
recorded in islington, sowerby bridge and buenos aires, on 8-track and phone; mixed and mastered using jeskola buzz and goldwave in andy’s living room.
thanks to old keshcologist gareth monger for the front cover drawing.

keshco on pyr

01. first flush 02. to reach the outpost 03. blocked signals 04. tiny transmission 05. unaccentuated motive 06. wipe my face away 07. borneo 08. royal flush 09. busted flush 10. lunar accent

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