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rbc is the debut album by rocheleau/bussière/couture. it consists of noise-based free improvisations ranging from wild shout-outs to quiet dirge-like pieces.

a trio of early fortysomethings scattered across quebec, from the laurentides area to the eastern townships, rocheleau/bussière/couture is about free improvisation and friendship. françois bussière and françois couture have been friends and musical acolytes for more than twenty years. longtime friend stéphane rocheleau joined them in 2013 after recording a duo album with couture.

music by
stéphane rocheleau: turntable, radio, no-input mixing board, amplified objects, fx pedals
françois bussière: theremin, cassette player, baritone ukulele, weather station, various electronics, nebulophone
ce françois couture: no-input mixing boards, vocals, objects, percussion, duck call, theremin

recorded august 2, 2014 at parking reserved for musicians only, st-faustin-lac-carré (quebec, canada).
mixed by ce françois couture.
cover artwork by stéphane rocheleau & françois bussière.

CE François Couture on pyr

01. roof burning catastrophy 02. really? bing crosby? 03. run! bleed! create! 04. rivers, beaches & concrete 05. really bizarre calamari 06. reverse bike crash

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