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cinchel - witnessing

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This piece is an interpretation of my installation at ASCII 5 March of 2014. ASCII is kind of rotating/evolving show organized by Eric Brown. Some information on past and present ASCII events can be found on his website.

For ASCII 5 Eric coordinated with Ryan Dunn of Tritriangle for a one night exhibition. Participants were given the following guideline: 

I suppose ‘beautiful chaos’ is the organic variation produced when systems break down, collisions between order and entropy. Rusted out cars in the middle of a swamp, piles of CD-ROMs in a thrift store, fruit toppling from a grocery stand, spontaneous stock market rises and falls — the finite range of experiences as members of the set of an infinite range of possibilities. I’m trying to create something of beautiful chaos right now: attempting to illustrate in an ordered fashion the two word synthesis of a conversation, while simultaneously wading through the memory of such a thing after time and many new memories have undoubtedly re-purposed those neurons. The unending translation of moments into new moments and the inexplicable construction of explainable events which come forth.

Ryan Dunn of Tritriangle was asked to illustrate “beautiful chaos”— something he mentioned casually in conversation. He offered the following:

The response was this:

…followed by this:

My submission to this event was to periodically walk around the event with a handheld recorder. I would take these recordings and dump them to my laptop where I would loop, layer, and affect the sounds and project them back into the room via a small guitar amp connected to my laptop. I continued to collect and loop recordings throughout the entire duration of the event.

This piece represents an abstracted mix of everything I collected that evening, as a way to both document and reflect on the lingering effects of chaos and memory. 

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