pyr165 hervé perez & andré darius – the bridge ep

ep2 cover bridge encore


building bridges is a tricky business. the rivers we cross are never the same. The first crossing is an improvisation. as we leave the shore behind, we do not know where we will land. crisscrossing streams of melody, fractal rhythms beat against the hull. tides turn. narratives unfold. each crossing is a different story.

water remains water.

resonating to sound spirals, we surf the crest. in suspension, we listen. pony truss to spandrel arch. steel cables balance. bowed by the wind, like a deep fat bass drone. the span so wide like never-ending breath. like a geography not yet translated we sing with mounts and ravines roll. thunderous scat. clattery keys. the bridge stands whatever weather patterns will pass. the gate opens, a boat load of dreams. cargo five and unfinished business.

portrait of a city. we cross colours primary call parallel poles echo in the mist

the bank veiled thus

a day over the bridge each step slaps back flat dead as we search for
shore beyond the


andré darius – electric bass, eub, objects, voice
hervé perez – alto sax, drums (on 02), field recordings, processing and sound design, arrangements, mastering

guest peter fairclough – drums on 03

artwork by kimama, graphic design andré darius.

the full version of this album including three further songs is available for purchase here.

andré darius on pyr
hervé perez on pyr

01. couleurs primaires (19:36) 02. le portrait inachevé (6:47) 03. five is not a number (10:20)