pyr166 los pilotos – cada cuerpo en su caja



[mp3-jplayer tracks=”1@, corta al czar@, reina@, o aliento que respiro@, azucarada@, la unica esperanza@, de amor@, sin titulo ninguno@, quieto@, pensar@, disco feliz@, por el doctor@, oda al infinito@″]

excavated four track cassette action.

recorded between 2004 and 2008 at various chicago apartments. initially on four track and then finished on computer. any drums you hear are me playing alex morales’ drum kit badly.

all songs written and performed by keith helt/los pilotos

los pilotos on pyr

01. 1 02. corta al czar 03. reina 04. o aliento que respiro 05. azucarada 06. la unica esperanza 07. de amor 08. sin titulo ninguno 09. quieto 10. pensar 11. disco feliz 12. por el doctor 13. oda al infinito