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ijereja is a transliteration of the transliteration of the mycenean greek word for ‘priestess’ in the cretan-minoan script known as linear b. this project draws on materials including real and fictional maps, sound poetry, linear b and its (mis)translations, recorded improvisations and strategies for performing and responding as an ensemble. these materials enable their live interpretation and reinterpretations as a multilayered, open and ‘digital’ opera. ijereja is interested in the interrogation of the potentially liminal space between performance, voice, speech, language, text, writing and notation.

minoan priestess music for ensemble
lauren redhead

organ and voice – lauren redhead
saxophone – tina krekels
tuba – charles céleste hutchins
live electronics – adam linson
live electronics/mixing/spatialisation – alistair zaldua
trombone – sarah gail brand
voice on tape – r. armstrong

live performances recorded on:
10.10.2015 automatronic, st laurence church, catford with tina krekels, charles céleste hutchins, adam linson and alistair zaldua
22.10.2015 free range, canterbury with sarah gail brand

music composed and produced by lauren redhead
score and tuba photographs by huw morgan

release date: june 22, 2016.

the artists on pyr
lauren redhead
tina krekels
charles céleste hutchins
adam linson
alistair zaldua
sarah gail brand

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